Houses in Troes Built by Mike Guthrie
Houses in Troes Built by Mike Guthrie

New Builds (it's what we do) :

It can seem overwhelming, to look at a piece of land, standing with architects plans in your hands and then saying 'right guys lets go to work'. Turning bare ground into a clients dream home in the style and to the standard that the architect expected is no mean feat but it gives the best job satisfaction ever.


We Build houses, bungalows, out buildings and commercial buildings. To be able to call yourself 'A house builder' takes some proving and our proof is standing there for all to see. We love building houses, working with clients to squeeze out that dream. A client once said ' Thank you , you have given me the house of my dreams'. That has stayed with me, ringing in my ears everyday since. It was realising, this is what we do, we build peoples dreams and we could easily turn them into nightmares if we didn't build with our skill and passion. Building houses is building our customers dreams, sounds corny but it is what it is. They live there long after the last builders van has left what began as a site and finished as a home.


We build new houses in the Vale of Glamorgan, we build homes in Barry, in Cowbridge, in Penarth, in Dinas, in the village of Troes. It's a statement and a true one Mike Guthrie Building Solutions build houses and build homes. It's not to say we don't do all the other things, of course we do. If you can build a house to completion then of course you can build an extenstion or fit a kitchen or build a garage. Landscape a garden, build a driveway. Install staircases, windows or lighting systems. Of course we can, it's what we do.


We have placed an album here of various building projects. Please feel free to contact us for an informal chat on your ideas, on your dreams and lets see if between us we can build a reality.

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You can contact Mike on 07929 596149 or use our simple contact form to find out more.

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